Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus Verses Space wolf/Guard

My second game at the last 40k tournament at Gaming Underground in High Point, NC was against Space wolves with Imperial Guard allies. The Space wolf player had a null deployment army, all the wolves in drop pods and a vendetta with some guard in it. The wolf player and The To had a talk about it and sorted out that as long as he had a model on the board by the end of the first turn every thing was good.

I deployed on an empty table.

The Ratlings infiltrate on his objective in a building.

A drop pod lands next to the blob squad in the middle objective.

Imperial Guard Tower of Doom. The plasma cannon servitors lit up several of the wolf squads and that apparently is unsporting and I ended up being dinged on my sportsmanship score.

The pod start to fall all over.

Space wolves swarm the Griffon.

Wolves drop the second armored sentinel.

The command land next to the tower of doom.

The scouts arrived to take some pot shots.

The Wolves deploy

Only two survive the Tower of Dooms fire

it would appear two was enough.

I lost another game but I learned alot. First I should have taken Sons Of Taurus' advice on my army list. I was unable to fire both Hydras several times because of line of sight issues and having to keep them in coherency.If they would have been separate units I could have rolled them out to get more shots and better lines of fire.  I also had nothing to defend against the pods, an aegis gun and defense line would have at least let me shoot at some of the pods.  I placed the Primaris with an Enginseer and servitor to use Nightshroud but took a wound from perils and then weight of fire took them all down.

After the game I found out he had said something to the TO about me slow playing. He dinged me on sportsmanship and painting, saying I didn't have a unified theme. My army is completely painted to a better than table top standard, with tons of conversions and his was ,at best, primed with the edges of the shoulder pads painted yellow and over half, not primed at all. He beat me nine to zero and that wasn't good enough.



sonsoftaurus said...

Wow, not often that I hear that someone should have taken my advice!

ColKillgore said...

I find that odd for you to say. You have way more 6th edition games under your belt than me. i am still getting the hang of the warlord traits and the new psyker disciplines.


Chuckaroobob said...

Guy with a primered army dings you for your painting? And they wonder why I gave up on GW.....

sonsoftaurus said...

Ah, I'm just joking. I have good theories, but they often have trouble in practice once things like my memory and dice get involved. ;-)