Friday, January 11, 2013

Ogre Kingdoms Proxy Firebelly

I am starting to make up several different lists for my Ogre kingdom army to use in an upcoming 500 point warhammer fantasy battle map campaign. The plan is for each player to start with three 500 pt army tokens to move around the map and take territories. I am planning a different army list for each token. One army is going to be lead by a Firebelly ogre wizard. I really like games workshop's Firebelly model but have other models I want for the army before I get one. So time to proxy.

My choice is a Reaper Confrontation Dai Obakemono ogre. Years ago at a game store going out of business sale, I had the chance to buy the Dai Obakemono box set for a song but passed it over to buy some other models I had more use for at the time. Soon after that Confrontation went belly up and I was unable to even find the models to buy.

Fortune would give me another chance when a local gamer was tired of his Ogre army and sold me his collection. When I got the collection home I started sorting through the bits and bobs and found this Dai Obakemono in the bottom of the box. Originally it was on a 50mm base with a cauldron and the former owner had used him as a Butcher. I broke it off the base, reposed the head and started on some greenstuff work to fill the worse gaps. The original model had a sashimono back banner but it wasn't in the box when I bought it, so I will be replacing it with a scratch built one.

I think the model is amazing and hope that  I will be able to do all the detail on it justice when I paint it.



Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Excellent looking forward in seeing the miniature painted!

Impcommander said...

oh nice!

ColKillgore said...

I need to finish the base and if the weather cooperates this weekend, get it primed up.