Thursday, January 10, 2013

Terrorgheist Finished

I finished up my first model of 2013, a Terrogheist model I picked up second hand. I lucked up and the majority of the main body was already painted but whomever built the model had used the wrong hips for the Terrorgheist model. Instead of crouching down and screaming it was rearing back like the Zombie dragon.  I cleaned off some mold lines the original painter had left on and used putty to close some of the more visible gaps.

This is a work in progress shot of the Terrorgheist with the wings just mocked up to see what it is going to look like when I glued them on. The wing bones still need a couple coats of Vallejo Ivory, reaper master polished bone and a final skull white highlight..

I had a spare base from another planned project that hasn't happened so it was repurposed for the Terrorgheist. The model looked funny standing on an empty unadorned base so I used one of the rock pieces from the kit. The rock is too short and is barely touching the Terrorgheist claw but it does stabilize the model.

The side view shows where the hand is barely touching the claw but it works for the moment. I also used some almost gone miliputt to add some more rocks on the back side of the base.

The finished side view of the Terrorgheist with a little bit better view of the hair detail on the side and the final highlights on the red muscle.

The finished Terrorgheist.

Thanks for taking a look.


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