Friday, January 20, 2012

Chaos Rhinos With Combi-Meltas

More progress on the Chaos front. I finished sculpting the greenstuff on the combi melta conversions and glued them on to the Chaos rhinos. I also added pintle combi bolters.

The two new editions to the fleet of Chaos Space Marine rhinos.

Here is a close view of the finished combi-melta. The one thing I really like about having a combi-melta is the fear you can put into your opponent from a rhino rush. It only has one chance to get off a meltagun shot, that will most likely miss but people will put mass amounts of fire on a combi-melta armed rhino to avoid that one shot.

A view of the business end. Behind the combi-melta is my combi bolter conversions. It is real simple, just take a couple old style bolters,cut off the handles, trim down the sides and glue them together. Then take a length of sprue and cut a piece the width of the glued together bolters. Glue this piece to the rear end of the bolters were the handles were. Set it aside and let everything cure. Once it is solid, use a pin vice and drill a hole in the bottom of the sprue and a hole in the top of the turrent. Use a piece of wire to pin everything together.

There are snazzier ways to build a combi bolter but these are easy and there is no mistaking what they are from across the table.


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