Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Old Style Rhinos repurposed

I have been working on a couple additions to my 40k Chaos armies. I recently picked up two old style Rhino tanks. They were painted for Blood angels but I went to work on them to chaos them up a bit. I removed all the Imperial decals, cut the remaining exhaust stacks off, removed the old smoke launchers and removed the one of the hatches from both.

I used some brass wire and pinned some styrene rod to make new exhaust stacks. I took the cupola from the new chaos vehicle sprue and glued it on over the open hatch hole. I then trimmed down the hatch I removed and reglued it into the cupola. I added different smoke launchers , front rams, chaos spikes and chaos plates. I have added a combi bolter to both but only one has it mounted in the picture.

I am going to have a combi bolter and a combi meltagun on both, so I have to make a couple combi meltaguns.

I started with the combi flamer from the new sprue and trimmed off the nozzle, hose and the details from the fuel tank. Then glued a couple pieces of styrene tube and rod to form the barrel of the melta gun. Then used some brass wire to pin the barrel to the receiver. I still need to get some green stuff and add some details.

My plan is to put combi meltas on both rhinos and maybe go back and add combi meltas it my other chaos rhinos.

The master plan is to build a fleet of Chaos Rhinos. I read on a blog (Which I have conveniently now lost the link too) about the author's plan to make the new Chaos Space marine Codex competitive. His plan was to go with a pile of Chaos marines in a fleet of rhinos. I have some difference of opinion of a few of his selections but I think the plan has merit. I has broken out my old Iron Warriors army and started figuring what models I will need to add. The major hold up in the plan is collecting enough rhinos to field the army. The bad thing is I have enough rhinos but I would have to mix old style and new and I don't want to do that. So I have been picking them up and only need five more till the army is ready for the field.



Chris said...

Those should look pretty good painted in the colors of the Iron Warriors.

ColKillgore said...

I plan to paint them black to match my other chaos vehicle. I use them across all my chaos armies so no dedicated Iron Warriors paint scheme. My one nod toward the Iron warriors is that I usually paint some of the helmets on the spikey bits yellow for Imperial Fists taken as throphies.