Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scout Sentinels nearing completion

Another project I am starting to clear off of the painting table. Last year, when I was playing my Catachan Imperial Guard army in the 40k league, I planned to build a scout sentinel squad using magnets so I could switch out the standard multi lasers for autocannons. I could have just slapped them together but I decided to do a detailed interior paint job before I finished assembling them and that is as far as they got. Into a box to be completed at a later date.

So I finally set down and put the paint to them. I really liked the way the interiors came out.

Pleased with my progress I started assembling the sentinels. Only to discover that the majority of the well painted interior can not be seen once assembled. So much for super detail interiors in sentinels. I have painted a bit more since I took the picture and only need to add the top of the roll cage and some other bits and they will be complete.


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