Thursday, January 19, 2012

Plaguemarine Rhino

Hello everybody, I managed to get some hobby time in. I have been working on adding to my fleet of Chaos rhinos. I plan to use it as a transport for a Plaguemarine squad. I normally keep my Rhinos pretty generic so I can use them across several Chaos Space Marine armies but this one is Nurgle all the way. The latest additions are the doors, hatches and spikey bits. I decided to go with an exposed pintle gunner to match the Deathguard vindicator I built a while back.
There is allot of story behind this tank from where I picked it up and it progress to now.

I originally bought this tank from a kid at a now closed game store for five or ten bucks.. It was very poorly assembled as a vindicator. The metal parts still had chunks of flash on them and the whole model seemed to be covered in super glue to hold it all together. I took it home broke off all the metal parts and started trying to get the superglue off, that was easier said than done. I not sure what kind of glue it was but it wasn't super glue. I scraped, gouged, filed and used solvent but couldn't get the glue off with out destroying the model. I ended up using the metal vindicator bits on another rhino and filed the parts of this one in a bits box.
Later I was looking for something else and found the parts of the old battered rhino. It still had the hull and both sides, so I figured what the hell and glued then back together. It was beat up bad and I filled some of the worst gouges with contour putty. A bunch of battle damage just adds character to a Chaos Rhino. This is about the time I decided to star adding the greenstuff to make it a Nurgle rhino.
Everybody who has used greenstuff has had leftovers. I started adding my leftover greenstuff to the rhino and slowly building the layer of corrosion up. The exhaust stacks had been too torn up to use so I made some more out of styrene tube and glued them on the sides. Later I started covering them in greenstuff to add more nurgle goodness. Now with the doors and everything else back on the rhino it is beginning to look ready to return to the table.
I haven't decided on which inlet pintle combi-bolter to add to the gunner. I am leaning toward either a Combi-plasma gun or a Combi-melta. Both have their uses and I already have a couple combi-melta armed rhinos in the works but I will put some more thought into the selection. This is a slow burn project and I will probably cover alot more of the rhino with greenstuff in time.



Chris said...

Needs more leprosy.

ColKillgore said...

It is far from finished being corrupted. I still neeed to add a nurgle symbol, either the one from the vehicle sprue, sculpt one or a combination of the two.