Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in Review and 2012 speculation

Another year has gone into the record books and I want to look back at my hobby year. The one thing I could use to sum up the year is Historicals. On top is Disposable Heroes, my most played game this year. The game are divided between Pulp/Interwar era with my Warlord Chinese troops and Modern era using the SOCWAD supplement. Next in historicals would be Napoleonic games using the Black Powder and Warhammer Historical Waterloo. Other games played were French Foreign Legion on Venus with TSATF rules, a game of General Quarters III, a game of Chasepot and Needle gun and several games of Memoir 44 played with miniatures.
Painting, I had a much better year than 2010 with a total of 108 figures painted. The Majority consist of my first full strength platoon of Warlord Chinese Infantry and four Japanese WWII 81mm mortars. The rest of the count is made up of the remainder of the Ratling Snipers I used to form my Ratling Legion Platoon for 40k.
Next would be Warhammer 40k. I played in two Apocalypse battles this year. The first in January as part of the worldwide Apocalypse game and the second in November for the Heroes Headquarters Charity Apocalypse game. My latest projects have been to get my Imperial guard fully painted to Apocalypse size points and expanding my World Eaters to Apocalypse size to participate in the Apoc-Eclipse First War for Armageddon Apocalypse sized game later in 2012.
I also took part in the GameOnGw 40k Escalation League. I originally planned to build up my Preatorians and play them but switched over to my Catachans for the league. I did good in the league winning more than I lost but a case of real life made me miss too amny games to be in the running. It did motivate me to scratchbuild two hydra turrets, that I almost have painted.
Some other modeling projects I worked on were six bombards to use as lizardmen cannons in TSATF, the start of two scratchbuilt Ork Battle fortresses and more work on the Nurgle Contagions.
I didn't play any Warhammer Fantasy in 2011 but I worked on several armies. I started the year with dark Elves, then switched and worked on chaos warriors and finished the year working on Ogre Kingdoms after their new armybook was released. Maybe this year I might get a game of 8th edition in.
One new project was 1/900 scale Napoleonic Naval gaming. I received a game it forward gift of 1/900 scale ships from J Womack of Scattergun Gamer. I have since picked up the ruleset Heart of Oak to use the ships with but I have yet to finish the ships and run a game.
I made the GameOnGw Gameday again this year and had a great time. I look forward to to one in 2012.
My plans for the new year are to try and beat my painting totals of last year, get in more gaming and finish some of the too long work in progress projects I have laying around.


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