Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jan 27th Games Day at the Castle

I am getting ready for it. I have yet to decide on which GW armies to take. It looks like thet are planning 1850 for 40k and 2250 for fantasy. I am going to take my Soviet Flames of war army to possibly face off against Chuckaroobob.

I am leaning towards my Iron Warrior Chaos marine army for 40k mostly because it is a better painted army and packed up and ready to trave,l but I have to decide on which fantasy army to take.

I am hoping to play in Scott Tolberts planned Fantasy league but I am thinking about using it as motivation to finish painting up another army. I have mostly played my Beasts of Chaos and Vampire Counts in the last couple Leagues but I am leaning towards Dark Elves. I have collected up a pile of figures and haven't fielded any of them yet. I am going to make up some lists and then make a decision.

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