Tuesday, January 1, 2008

planned projects 2008

Title: Re: Planned Hobby Projects for 2008
Post by: colkillgore on January 01, 2008, 10:55:14 PM

I broke out the Hobby Journal and looked at my 2007 plan of projects to finish and I didn't finish any of them. I took the TMP pledge and planned to try and finish painting 1000 models in 2007. I only finished 386 and of those only 72 were mine, the rest were for other people. I do have several hundred primered and a bunch basecoated and almost completed but almost doesn't cut it.

So my project list for 2008 is

15mm Soviet Strekovy Batalion: I think I will finish this one this year because I only need to finish painting their helmets, bedrolls, rifle straps and a few other odds and ends.
15mm Soviet Tankovy Batalion: I should finish this one too. It is also mostly finished just a few details to be completed
40k Imperial Guard Delaque Heavy weapon platoon: mostly complete, I just have to finish the detailing and the bases
40k Servitors: I have been working on these for a couple years now. I keep buying more and adding to the unit. I have hit 40 or so now and think '08 will be the year they are finished.
40k Imperial Guard Praetorian army: I have collected up a big pile of these now including 9 sentinels and did a bunch of conversions. Mostly primered but with a few base coated.
40k Blood Angels: I have been redoing my Blood Angels to get it in line with the new Blood Angels codex. This is mostly adding models to make full 10 man squads, building some vehicles and adding some characters. This also includes finishing my Line breaker Vindicator squad for Apocalypse games.
Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts: Finish up more Vampires
Warhammer Fantasy Beasts of Chaos: Finish my Minotaurs and Bestigors
Pulp: from Ilsa'a She wolves to Kung Fu school girls and various in between

New Projects for 2008

15mm French/Polish Napoleonics: I don't own any models for this genre yet but plan to pick up some soon.



Sigmar said...

You are disappointed with this....?

"I only finished 386 and of those only 72 were mine"


I'd be over the moon with that kind of result for the year.

Pat yourself on the back.

I like your blog format, I'll be back

Warhammer Blog

ColKillgore said...

I have a couple hundred figs almost finished that should give me a boost on the 2008 numbers. I have been keeping a Hobby Journal for several years but 2007 was the first year that I kept a running tally of models I finished painting.

About format, It is rather free form at the moment following my Hobby as I meander through it. I am also using this as a backup for my posts from another forum on Cybertunagamers.com. My gaming group had a series of loosely linked VSF games and had posted battle reports on the forums. Until the moderator decided they didn't belong there so he deleted them. I had printed most of them out but I had neglected to save them.
So when we started playing the Prospector Bob pupl game and posting up the battle report I decided to cross post them here as an extra precaution.