Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reupped for 2 more Years

I took advantage of the 50% off White Dwarf deal yesterday and spent $60 US for a two year subsscription and 2 exclusive models. I picked the witchunter Inquisitor with a plasma pistol and a Chaos sorcerer on foot. I had wanted one of the Inquisitors when they first came out but never got one and later didn't want to pay Ebay prices to get one.

Over the Holidays I primed up 20 more 15mm soviet riflemen and 6 M3a3 Stuarts for my Soviet fow army. I had planned to finish the soviets in 2007 but it looks like I will still be working on them for a while into 2008, especially if I don't stop buying more models to round out the army.
My current model count for the Soviets are,

12 M3 Grant/Lee tanks
3 ISU-152
6 Kv-1 (which I usually play as Kv-85)
6 Ba-10 armoured cars
6 M3a3 Stuarts
36 Rifle/Mg stands
6 Kommisar stands
1 Il16 diecast airplane ( I haven't used it in a game yet)

I need to finish 6 more Rifle/Mg stands and 4 command stands and I will be able to field A late war Strekovy Batalon with 2 full companies or 3 2 platoon companies. I will also be able to field a basic mid/ early war Strekovy Batalon with 2 companies.

The to be finished from models on hand line up is

A Gods of War artillery battery
A heavy machine gun company with extra Hmgs to make attachments to the Strekovy companies.
A Submachine gun Company, with enough extras to use as Scouts and Tankodesantniki
A bunch of At rifle stands
If I have enough riflemen left maybe a pioneer company
Kit bashing enough figures to make a bunch of flame thrower stands

Idle thoughts about future additions to the army

11 T34 tanks to have a full company and a Batalon command tank
A bunch of trucks (20 or so) to make the army mobile
3 Stormovik planes

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