Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gaming Update

I have been busy trying to close on a new house and leading up to the holidays has cut into my gaming time.

I built and painted up my friend Tuna's new Baneblade and picked up some Lotr Rohan cav from him. He used them for chaos marauder cav and are based on GW cav bases. I started to change out their bases but stopped in case I want to use them as Chaos cav.

A group of the lads got together at the BOHM and had a meeting about starting up Napoleonics. We decided on scale, year and picked countries. I had read up on the polish forces and thought it would be a fun place to start so I ended up as a french player. Scale is going to be 15mm and the year 1813.

After the meeting we played a fast game of FOW with me and CharlesK playing Soviets allied with Keith P. and his British against JohnB and Jerry W fielding Germans including 5 tigers lead by Whitman and several Panthers. 4500 points on a side. No matter what they say, it was a Soviet win. I rushed my Grants across the table and managed to contest a German objective. That left the soviets holding 2 objectives, the Germans with one and one contested, A soviet Win. There was some talk about only finishing 2 turns and that the 3 Panthers would have killed the Grants contesting the objective the next turn but I stick to they might have missed.

This motivated me to get back to work on my soviet infantry that have been lounging around base coated in a box. I assembled 6 M3 Stuarts and 26 more Rifle/Mg stands but found out I still need more riflemen. I had miscalculated the number of rifleman needed so I have to paint another twenty riflemen to finish out my Strekovy Batalon. I cleaned up 20 heavy machine guns and crew and started sorting out the gods of war artillery. I am not there but I am getting a lot closer to the finish. With the Stuarts together I can now field the mixed tank batalon.

On the pulp side I picked up 5 Lemax ambulances and a Lemax bus to use in pulp games. I painted the bus and cleaned the decals off of the ambulances and primed them. I haven't decided on a color yet. I painted the bus a generic gray and will probably paint the ambulances either gray or green.

I went last night up to Greensboro for opening day of The Castle. Winddancer from the old cosmic castle has opened the store. He is still waiting on order to arrive but the doors are open and it is a game store less that a half hour from the house. He is looking for some terain and Tables for gaming. I am thinking about building some hills and trading them for store credit.

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