Friday, July 4, 2008

Morrisville MegaBattle pictures

Here are some pictures from a megabattle I played in in Morrisville NC. This was pre Apocalypse but have tons of super heavies and gargantuan creatures to go around. I was playing my plague marines backed up with two shadow swords titan killers and two warhound titans, The Famous Titanium Duke And Strontium Dog. The Scenario was the Plague Marines were taking the Gojira monster back to start experimenting on it. The imperials were trying to stop them and the tyranids were trying to take the monster for theirselves or at least samlpe it DNA to build a better monster. At the end the Eldar show to stop anybody from gettting the monster. It was a hell of a game and I learned a vital lesson, bring extra camera batteries. Here are some of the starting positions with the monster and it Plaguemarine Vanguard

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