Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last Day for the Warhammer League

Here is Chuckaroobob (Left) wearing his secret weapon, THE FEZ of POWER leading his Tomb king army to a victory Against Patrick's(Below) Empire at the Castle. I wasn't able to play a game because I had to get back to town. I had fun and played some good games during the league and plan to play in the upcoming 40k league. I ordered the 5Th Edition 40k rulebook and hopefully will have it next weekend.

At home I stripped the paint off of a bunch of Praetorians. Now I am getting them ready for priming.

Tuna stopped by the castle looking for Chuck and we talked about the upcoming Apocalypse game. I am thinking about building some wall sections to use for the game.

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Chuckaroobob said...

Hi Kids, Yeah, I'm not sure what kind of fashion statement I'm making by wearing a fez and a shirt that says "Go Ugly Early", but it must be working. The Fez of Power is currently undefeated, which says a lot for a guy with a 1:10 average record. C'ya, Charles