Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Next Project: Praetorians

Here are some starting pictures of my Praetorian Imperial Guard. After I took the pictures I took all the painted ones and put them into the simple green to strip the paint off so I can prime them to match the others. Some numbers for the force is 12 Praetorian Sentinels, 9 lascannon crews, 9 mortar crews, 6 missile launcher teams, 7 carriage mounted heavybolter conversions, 7 roughrider jetbike conversions, piles of everything else.
I am thinking about fielding infantry platoons with three squads, a heavy weapon platoon, a bunch of sentinels, the rough riders, maybe some Ratlings and/or Ogryns and maybe a couple of vehicles. I haven't crunched the numbers and it is only a starting idea.

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