Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rollin' Hot

Here they Are. I attached the wheels last night.
I have started the plague mortars but they are going to need a lot more detailing. I decided to mount the Plague mortar on the middle column instead of on top of the head like the epic Plague Tower and others I have seen online.I am debating on whether to make the mortar stationary or able to traverse.
With the wheels attached I will at least be able to put them on the table Aug 16th for Tuna's Apocalypse battle at the Castle. I started figuring points for the battle and I won't be able to field the towers and 90 plague marines to fill them like I wanted too. So I am leaning toward the 3 plague towers and a line breaker squadron with 5 vindicators. I just have to finish one regular vindicator and completely build the forge world vindicator kit I picked up the other day.

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