Sunday, April 19, 2009

Armorcast Combo and Some IS-2s

Some more work in progress pictures. I have been painting models for my buddy Tuna and it looks like I will finish them sooner rather than later.
Above is the Shadowsword body of the armorcast combo. I have all the basics finished and need to move on the the next level of detail. All the conversion work was done by Tuna.
Here is the Baneblade body, again all the conversion work was done by Tuna. Both are on a Tzeentch theme and I plan to have them finished before Tuna's next big apocalypse game at Underground games in Charlotte.

These are mine. A unit of Battlefront 15mm Soviet IS-2's for Flames of War. They have been sitting on the shelf waiting to be assembled and today was the day. The Lads have a Flames of War game going on today but because of me being on call I couldn't make it. It did motivate me to get these together and base coated. I even cleaned up some 15mm soviet flamethrowers that have been in a box for over a year.
With the proliferation of Tiger tanks, I wanted my Soviets to have a chance to make the Germans sweat.


Chuckaroobob said...

My KV-85's have the Krauts shakin' in their boots, I imagine these JS-2 things will make them go completely blind. Especially five at a time.

ColKillgore said...

I have heard some idle talk of the krauts picking up a tiger company. I guess I really need to pick up 2 more JS-2's to field the guard heavy tank batallion. It will be the battle of the titans one day soon.