Friday, April 17, 2009

Work In progress

Here are some better work in progress shots of a few figures I am Painting for my buddy Tuna and a conversion I have slowly been finishing.
First is an Archaeon on foot that he is planning to use as a skulltaker proxy in his daemon army. I am sticking to the Khorne colors of black, brass and red.
A chaos sorcerer also for Tuna. I believe the plan is to use him as a Herald of Nurgle in his daemon army.

Here is another chaos sorcerer for Tuna. This one is going to be a Herald of Tzeentch for the daemon army.

Finaly here is one of mine. This is a wraith conversion I have been working on ,hit or miss, since the new vampire counts armybook came out. Under the old armybook I had taken a wraith and chopped it in half and made a mounted wraith that I usually ran with a unit of Black Knights. The change in the new army book of wraiths from characters to units, left me with a shortage of wraiths. While looking for something else I found the wraith lower body and decided to make another one.
The basic components are the wraith lower body, a hanging torso bit from the zombie sprue and a couple zombie arms. I carved the noose off of the torso and trimed it up so it would mount on the lower body. Then I glued on the arms. I am in the process of sculpting on the robes and eventually a hood.

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