Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Reinforcements

I finally caught up with Patrick and traded him a bundle of trucks for a pile of Catachans. I did a few repairs and then built a few more lasgunners so I would have an even one hundred and fifty. That is three full conscript squads. It will be a while before they all get painted. I think I will divide them up and base and paint them ten or twenty at a time till they are all base coated with three colors and a flocked base. I am still figuring lists and plan to get them on the table soon.
This is what one hundred and fifty lasguns looks like.
The rest of my assembled catachans. I did have a bunch more of these modeled as ork hunters but after the last codex release invalidated their list, I broke alot of them apart and used them to add to my Adeptus Mechanicus Guard army. Until I went to field a regular catachan army and had to build some to have a legal list again.
Some new and rebuilt AMIG troops. The four meltagunners were vets with bionics and stormbolters under the old codex. So I broke them apart and added new arms and meltaguns. In the left rear is Col Elvo with his new plasma pistol and the start of a new paint job. He also has a shotgun but I have to finish painting him before I glue it back on. The other figures are three medics and 3 standard bearers.
A Flames of War box O fun. The majority of a Soviet gods of war artillery battalion and a bunch of flamethrowers. I needed something to light up all those German tanks.
Here is my 28mm Semovette WWII. It is the back up to my Italian paratroopers. We mostly have been the disposable heroes rules from Iron Ivan for our 28mm WWII games. The vehicle rules allow pintle machine guns and they don't increase the points cost but the machine gun has to be modeled. I could have used an mg34 or mg 42 and called it a Breda 8mm but that isn't what I wanted. I decided to scratch build one to go on the tank.
I still need to add a front sight and the grips on the back. It is a little larger than the bolt action machine gun I have been using to judge the scale but I think it will work fine.


sonsoftaurus said...

"It will be a while before they all get painted." - Gee, ya think? ;-)

The Italian tank looks cool. I'd love to try out Disposable Heroes sometime.

ColKillgore said...

we haven't played disposable heros in a while. I am sure it won't be hard to get a game together at the cage one day.