Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kryomek Talos / Chestnut Skunk

Hi Kids, I've finished painting 22 Kryomek Talos units. I've always thought they were cool looking robots, it's a shame it took 10 years to get around to them. If it weren't for the new Terminator movie, they'd still by waiting. I'm hoping to us them as heavy duty Terminators in a homegrown Terminator vs. Modern USMC game. I've also included a pic of Chestnut Skunk and his team of rogues. These guys are all armed to the teeth with the most modern weapons available to the pulp adventurer. And talk about skills? No more "Speak random language" or "master chief" waste of points here! We're talking "Crush Skull", "Chew Nails" and "Flying Leg Kick" in the best traditions of Capt Kirk!

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