Wednesday, September 5, 2012

After 4 Years in the Wilderness; 40K!!!

 Hi Kids,  Yes,  it's true, after ignoring the heaps of GW loot secreted in the Basement of Heaped Miniatures for God only knows how long, the Chuckster has gone completely 'round the bend and painted up a Leman Russ Demolisher!  Why?  Probably because one of the lads dropped off a fistful of Imperial Army stuff for ebay and the tank was the commission for all my hard work posting the stuff. (You the man, Willster!)  I painted it up to match all my other tanks in the world famous "Triple Grey & Black" camo scheme of the 13th Demibrigade of the Foreign Legion; the local force.  Holy Cow, I just realized this thing has only been in my possesion for about 2 weeks, that's gotta be a record!  I've even been considering building up some of the other warehoused stuff.  Those objects in the background are some terrain pieces I bought up at Cold Wars in 2011; Moi.  AKA Easter Island Head Statues.  Found them lurking in the basement and thought "Gotta get them ready for the upcoming KneeCap Island pulp campaign!"  Don't worry, I've got some more, its just a matter of finding them.  Gimme about a year. 
"What ho!?!?!?" you say, are those 25mm RSM (Rusty Scabbard Miniatures) Seven Years War Austrians?  You bet!  This five foot long deployment is about half the painted army (of course there's more still in the basement).  The dude out in front is a Foundry Russian Nappie Officer.  And I'm here to tell ya, a 48man infantry regiment takes up A LOT of table!  These troops are standing in for Nappies in some recent games of Black Powder.  The record so far;  1:1.  The only thing these Austrians seem incapable of doing is winning a combat against Frenchmen facing the other way.  I'm not sure why rear charges seem to be so difficult to win; perhaps it's time for some French jokes.....


ColKillgore said...

Who Are you pod person and what have you done with the real Chuckaroobob?

The urge returns, next thing you know you are going to be at the GW store complaining because the other customers aren't WAAGHing loud enough.

As for your troubles with the french nappies, you might model a goat for the Austrians. It will distract the amorous French so much it will cause them to lose the combat.


Chris said...


Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Excellent camouflage on that lemann! The napoleonic also look great en masse!