Monday, September 17, 2012

First war for Armageddon Early battle

On 8Sept12 The Apoc-Eclipse Gaming group played a massive apocalypse game at the Tech Shop in Raleigh. The battle was based on a historical re-fight of the first war for Armageddon. The World Eaters win the toss and take the first turn.

The World Eaters charge, following the Greater Brass Scorpion,

The World Eaters terminators drop danger close and land behind the Imperial Reavers.

Angron, Angrath and the mob of Bloodthirsters swoop over the battle field.

Angrath charges into the imperial battle line.

Angron leads his Bloodthirster entourage into the fray.

Lead by Daemon Princes, the World Eaters advance

Imperial Guard man their Icarus pattern lascannon

A World Eaters dreadnought and chaos spawn charge into the khorne rune shaped lava field.

The Four lords of Armageddon charge across the battlefield on their Juggernaut mounts.

The Khorne Cauldron of Blood moves toward the Charon, river of blood.

The Khorne Tower of skulls and Cannon of Khorne maneuver around the feet of the Warlord titan behind a wall of Bloodletters.
Logan Grimnar and his Wolf Guard
Logan Grimnar beside the crater that was his land raider.

The first game curse strikes, A Baneblade, painted for this game destroyed before it can take any action.

The Imperials return fire, on the Vindicator Linebreaker squadron struggling to ford the river of blood.

And destroy one of the vindicators in the line breaker squadron.

The Space marine bikers move up to fire on the World Eaters Terminators in the Imperial back field.

Imperial fire thins the ranks of the World Eaters.

Despite the Gentleman's agreement that titans would target titans instead of infantry, one Khorne Lord of Armageddon falls to Vulcan mega bolter fire, while a second one takes the fire from a second Vulcan mega bolter and rides away, sustaining only one wound.

More Space wolves drop onto the Great Khorne Icon and try to pull it down.

Imperial fire takes a toil on the traitor guardsmen.

Logan Grimnar attacks the Great Khorne Icon.

Traitor guardsmen have a bad feeling,

And then they were gone.

The space marine bikers revv up and CHARGE The World Eaters terminators but think better after a snake eyes charge roll.

Check back tomorrow for the next Installment, First war for Armageddon Mid Battle.


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