Monday, September 3, 2012

Oop Tyranid Warriors, rebuilds and conversions

I watch Ebay more than I should but sometimes it pays off. For less than twenty bucks I picked up a tyranid bits box that had a pile of bits, a half dozen or so bases of rippers and nine old school Tyranid warriors. Most of them needed some repair and one was missing a head but all are going to be back on the table. five were armed with Devourers and four had bone swords.

Some were missing bases or based on 25mm squares so I broke of the 25mm bases and rebased them all on 40mm square bases to match the ones I already have. After searching my bits boxes was unable to round up an old style head to replace the missing one, so I will probably end up using a newer style Tyranid warrior    head as a replacement. One had a broken bone sword and I trimmed it off. I am planning to make an armature and sculpt a lash whip. This will give me fifteen of the old style warriors.

Last I was able to remove the bone sword arms from one Tyranid warrior and I decided to give it a venom cannon to add a little more firepower to the brood. The venom cannon is from the newer style warrior box but once I add some shoulder carapace armor bits I think it will work well enough for me.


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