Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First War for Armageddon Mid battle

On 8Sept12 The Apoc-Eclipse Gaming group organized a massive Apocalypse game at the Tech Shop in Raleigh NC. The battle was a historical re-fight of the First War for Armageddon, with the Space Wolves and Grey knight facing down the World Eaters.

The Imperials Destroy the Great Khorne Icon, which explodes killing the majority of the space wolves but  laying waste to both sides of the battle.

The Chaos second wave forms up.

Kharn the betrayer and his chosen squad charge out of their land raider.

The World Eaters Terminators move closer to their target the Imperial Reaver Titan.

More World Eaters terminators drop into the lava field.

The Dark Mechanicus move forward to reinforce the Chaos temple held by the World Eaters berserkers.

The Chaos air force makes its presence known as three Hell Talons scream over the battle field.

more Daemon prince swoop over the battle field

The Line breaker squadron is stalled in the middle of the Charon, river of blood.

The Chaos fire concentrates on the Imperial Reaver Titan,

The first Titan of the game falls,

the Hell Talons strike at the Imperial line.

An Imperial Shadow sword falls to traitor guard return fire.

The World Eaters Terminators make it into close combat with the Reaver Titan and barely scratch the paint.

Anther destroying their land raider a squad of not very happy Thunder hammer and storm shield terminators stare down the greater brass scorpion.

The Imperial Air force return in force, downing several of the chaos flyers.

The Grey knights drop danger close to the Chaos Warlords feet and proceed to destroy with their tracer bullet that halves the armor value of its target, and a Warlord titan proceeds to fall to storm bolter fire.

Although Angron has fallen the Grey Knights arrive to fight Angrath and the surviving Blood thristers.

Flyers dogfight over the battlefield.

The Grey knights wade out of the Charon, river of blood to close with Angrath.

The Greater Brass Scorpion goes Apocalyptic and leaves a 29 inch radius of destruction. Taking many skulls for Khorne from both sides of the battle field.

The Space marine Bikers fire up the World Eaters Terminators and then charge into combat.

When the combat slows a single World Eaters terminator still stands.

More Chaos Hell Blades and Hell Talons fly on in the second wave of  chaos flyers.

Imperial Second wave marshals off table.

The battle rages as both sides feed more troops into the carnage.

Check back tomorrow for the final installment in first War for Armageddon End Battle.


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