Friday, September 14, 2012

First War for Armageddon Start

On 8Sept12 at the Tech Shop in Raleigh The Apoc-Eclipse gaming group organized a re-fight of the First War for Armageddon. The basis of the battle was Logan Grimnar of the space wolf was defending Armageddon from the onslaught of Angron and his World Eaters chaos space marines. After the nature of the enemy was discovered Logan Grimnar summoned the Grey Knights to combat the daemonic incursion, Thus the battle begins.

The great Icon of Khorne raised by Angron for unholy purpose known only to him.

The Charon, a river of blood and a smaller chaos Icon used to bind the daemon horde to this reality.
Matt's World Eaters Horde takes shape. backed by a Skull tower, a greater Brass scorpion and a Khorne Cauldron of Blood.
A corrupt Khorne Reaver Titan, Angron, Angrath, and Angron Bloodthirter entourage.

The Imperials Start to form up on the battle field.

Another Imperial battle group lead by a Shadow sword

The Hordes of Chaos swarm onto the battle field, The Warlord titans driving the lesser forces before them.

The Dark Mechanicus Shadow sword Domination force occupies a sky shield landing platform, as the World Eaters rhino mounted strike force moves out.

The Khorne Reaver and Chaos Warlord Titan take aim at the Imperial line.

The Imperial Titans cower behind what little cover they can find.

Imperial tanks are slowed by the khorne rune shaped lava field.

As the warp storm intensify the Chaos daemon horde grows.

More Khorne Chaos Daemons wait to enter the battle.

More World Eaters waiting for deployment.

The Traitor Armor bunches up trying to make it to the forefront of the battle.

Two Hell Talons and a Hell Blade circle the battlefield.

The Imperial line is almost fully formed.

Two more Chaos Warlord titans stride into battle.

more imperial reserves

Another Imperial Armor group lead by a Baneblade.

The Great khorne Icon pulses with unholy energy.

The World Eaters armor advances into battle.

Check back Monday for the next installment, First War for Armageddon Early Battle


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sonsoftaurus said...


I love looking at giant Apoc game pictures like these. It makes me feel better about the relatively few figures I have.