Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flames of War sans arguing: Will wonders never cease?

Hi kids,  After six months in the wilderness Bryan and I decided to go ahead and play a game of Flames of War!  It seems gaming opportunities are getting fewer and farther between here in the booming metropolis, this is one of the few games we've been able to play since Historicon.  We decided on a 1250 point game of late war, Bryan took Huns and I played the good ole USA.
 Here's my army of the 3rd Infantry Division, can't remember the specific book.  HQ, 3 platoons of infantry, one HMG platoon, one recon platoon, one platoon of 5 Stuart light tanks and a tank destroyer platoon of 2 M10's.  One of the special rules for the 3rd ID is the TD's don't get the TD special rules, but can operate as arty if they feel like it. 15mm infantry and some vehicles are Old Glory Command Decision (rules can be summed up as "ugh'), while the remainder are Quality Castings from 19th Century Miniatures.
 The dreaded Hun horde.  Not sure if I've even seen such a large concentration of German troops.  Maybe it's the lack of Tiger tanks.  Buckets of infantry, mortars, HMG's, Pak 40 ATG's and even a fistful of StuG's.
 The American set up.  Jeep mounted Recon are out of frame under the camera.  Objectives are black bases.
The huns deploy.

Turn two and the Chuckster takes a chance, popping over the hill with the Stuarts to MG the crud outta everything on the other side.  Keeping a beady eye on the ATG's....

 25 dice worth of Stuart MG's crush the Hun platoon and the few pitiful survivors are pinned for the next three turns.  Trauma!

 The Stuarts move further towards the center hoping to stay lucky, the ATG's had missed every shot!  Meanwhile the Huns move in on the right, towards the objective next to the burning M10.  The US HMG's are pushed below 50% by an amazingly lucky mortar barrage.
 Unfortunately, the dice can only do so much.  The Stuarts did manage to beat up two German squads before they broke and ran, destroying the bailed out tanks.
 The Huns reach the objective but have taken some losses in the process.
 Melee takes out the final defenders, including the surviving M10.
 Meanwhile, on the other side of the map the Americans take out the last StuG with melee.  The way to the objective is clear!
 Rushing across the board to contest the German objective, a lonely command squad gets smacked around by the Huns!
While the US fails to take the objective behind the StuG's!  It looks like a German win!  Another 1000 years of darkness!  Oh the humanity!

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ColKillgore said...

No Tigers? Are you sure he knows your playing flames of war?

Looks like a fun game.