Monday, October 14, 2013

Oop Star Wars metal Miniatures find at Goodwill.

On the way to a birthday party for my buddy Big Roy's son, She who must be obeyed made a stop at the Goodwill store off of Dale Earnhardt Boulevard in Concord NC. I was kind of under the weather but it was too hot to sit and sweat in the truck, and you never know what you might fond to use for gaming. We had wondered for a while and SWMBO was almost finished so I took the lad and out to the truck we went. Before we left the store I noticed a guy sorting through some lead figures in an ashtray. I stopped and asked what they were and he said They weren't civil war soldiers like he was looking for and he left them. I took a closer look and found a dozen of the original Star wars metal miniatures from 1888 and 1989. I have a bunch of the oop metal Star Wars Miniatures I picked up back when we were roleplaying the West End games D6 Star Wars game. I bought them all for a dollar a pop. Once I returned home, a quick check and only two were duplicates.

IG-88, My favorite Bounty Hunter. He became my Favorite after reading the origin story " Therefore I Am: the tale of IG-88 by Kevin J. Anderson in the anthology Tales of the Bounty Hunters 1996 Bantam. I really liked the story and since the lad picked up Lego Star Wars he is my favorite character to play in that game as well.

 Shrike, Gand Bounty Hunter.

Hoth Rebel Trooper, This is the first Hoth Rebel trooper I picked up. I liked the other rebel commando figures better and have a few of them.

Dengar, Bounty Hunter, Another classic figure lacking from my collection until now.

Wequay. the first Duplicate model. I think this one was also in one of the Jabba the Hut blister packs. Another Weequay is always good for another thug.

Hoth Snow trooper. The first one of these for my collection. I have a few regular Stormtrooper and a section of Imperial army models.

General Veers, commander of the Ground attack on Hoth. He makes a good commander for some Imperial forces.

Lando Calrissian from Bespin. I also have the other Lando in Disguise figure from Jabba's Palace.

Boushh, or Leia in disguise as a bounty hunter from Jabba's Palace. This is the second duplicate I picked up, but you never know when you might need two Ubese bounty hunters to give the players fits.

Rebel Mercenary. I like this pose and has the bonus as another female model for the ladies to use when we game.

Rebel Scout. Another nice generic figure for a player to use while roleplaying, or to lead a rebel team in a tabletop game.

Last is everybody else's favorite Bounty Hunter Boba Fett. Another gap in the collection until now. I like Boba Fett too, I just like IG-88 better.

A group picture. After looking up the models on the wiki it seems that the models come from the Bounty Hunter box set and the Empire Strikes back box set. It is missing one model from the Bounty Hunter box set and three models from the Empire strike back box set. I have seen many other people post up the different gaming related items they have found in a thrift shop and now I have my own story.



Kasper said...

Sweet haul. Congrats and lets see them painted :-).

eriochrome said...

Great find. I am afraid to many things like this end up in the landfill as they last forever and should never really be thrown out but people do not really pay enough attention.

Jeff M said...

I have found so many gaming treasures at goodwill. Great find!