Friday, October 18, 2013

Iron Warriors verses Eldar, 40k League Round 12

We come to the last 1500 point game for the 40k league. The Iron Warriors face Mike W's Eldar once again. I played Mike earlier in the league but SWMBO had the family camera so no battle report for that one.

The game was Crusade with Vanguard strike deployment. We rolled light for terrain but only three objectives. We rolled off and I placed two.

Area terrain for the chaos gods. Nurgle daemon prince, khorne lord on juggernaut with his spawn escort and the Iron warrior chaos marine squad. The Khorne lord and Daemon prince line up to cross no mans land while the Iron warriors can hold the line.

The Iron Warrior Havocs camp on an objective in a crater in my back field.

Mike's Eldar consisted of Two Warp Spider squads, a Jetbike squad with a warlock, Farseer and Autarch joined, and two dire avenger squads in wave serpents.

The Eldar take first turn and move out. They shoot down two of the spawn and put a couple wounds on the Daemon Prince.

The Khorne lord splits out from the Spawn to charge the warp spiders and is gunned down. Once again I rolled unworthy for his chaos mutation and then took a wound as he left area terrain. Then the Warp spiders had the snap shot with normal ballistic skill which finished him off.

The Daemon Prince made the charge and challenged the Warp spider exarch and put him down. The Black Mace made the exarch explode and kill another WarpSpider. I hindsight I finally managed to fight a challenge and then forgot the chaos boon roll for winning it.

The Warp Spiders did a hit and run so the Daemon prince consolidated into the ruins.

The other warp spider squad and both wave serpents fire up the daemon prince and takes his last wounds.

The exarchless Warp spider jump around and then assault into the Iron warriors. The Iron Warriors win the combat.

Then the Warp spiders do the hit and run two step .

The Jetbikes move in and fire up the Havocs. Around this time is when I failed to bring on any of my reserves.

The Warp spiders move back up again to fire on the Iron Warrior squad.

The Warp spiders charge in and the combat is drawn.

I finally managed to get a Heldrake and an obliterator squad in from reserve. I dropped the Obliterators in danger close and mishapped them back to reserve. This left me with a Heldrake and two Iron Warriors on the table. I still had more units in reserve but at most I could control one objective and contest one but I had two game turns yet to go. I decided to concede the game, if I was able to contest all the objective he was still going to win by two.

We are going up to 1850 points for the last four rounds of the league. Some things I learned is, I can't depend on a save no matter how good. An assault oriented chaos lord isn't the way to go in 6th edition. This edition is definitely the shooting edition of 40k.


PS, I just heard from my round 13 opponent and he can't make the game so I will get my third default win. This leaves me at 3 wins, 2 draws, and 8 losses. A win is a win no matter how you skin it. Three more games till the league ends and maybe I can bring the numbers up for the last hurrah.

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