Monday, October 21, 2013

20mm Vietnam model count

Some of the local lads have been talking about gaming the American involvment in Vietnam. Foe once I am almost ahead of the curve miniature wise. Back in my Army days a group of my buddies started playing some Vietnam games using the Phoenix Command rules. We used many of the extra add on rules from the advanced agme and had a great time. The rules were more suited to a skirmish game and we only had a half dozen players.

The painted US troops. Two M203 grenade launchers, one M79 grenade launcher, one M60 gunner. one 12 gauge shotgun, one sniper with a suppressed m16 with a nightvision scope and four M16s. Enough models for a sniper and two fire teams.

The painted NVA/Viet Cong..Ten Ak-47s, commander with Ak-47, 2 SKS rifles, two RPD lmgs and a single RPG launcher. That gives me enough models for two squads. Once again not enough for a larger game but plenty for any number of skirmish scenarios.

The rest of the unpainted figures. The Americans have another M79, a couple more M203s, eight or so M60s, around twenty M16s and one more 12 gauge shotgun. For the NVA, I have another RPG, three RPD lmgs, a few more SKSs and around ten or so AK-47s.

I have enough Americans for a decent sized platoon but will probably have to pick up more NVA if we play big games. They all need to be based and I will probably touch the models paint up a bit. They are discussing different rules to use but I would prefer to stick with Disposable Heroes and use their Vietnam supplement The Long Road South. More when the decision is made and we get to work.



tim said...

Nice! I had some of those very same figures (probably still do, somewhere!?). We used them for Recon/Revised Recon and Twilight: 2000.

ColKillgore said...

I used some for the same game also. I think I actually have a few of the Twilight 2000 metal figures in a box some where.


Jeff M said...

When I was in the Army we played a lot of the original Recon Game. We even had our First Sgt. give it a look.