Monday, October 7, 2013

Iron Warriors new Recruits

The 40k league is going up to 1850 points in the next round. I have been working on a few different lists for  the Iron Warriors and all of them are going to need more bolter armed Chaos Space marines.

These were originally Khorne chaos marines so I went back and removed the Khorne shoulder pads, the bolters with the mark of khorne and added some back packs that i had taken off of them to finish other models. When I originally built them I didn't worry too much about mold lines or drilling out the bolter barrels so I went back and took care of those. They are built from all kinds of bits, including Khorne berserker legs and torsos, third edition chaos space marines legs, torsos and arms ans lastly a scattering of loyalist legs and bits. I just need to flock the bases and give them a light black prime before I finish them in Iron Warriors colors.


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