Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Little World passes 100,000 Page views

My plan for the year was to generate enough content to push My Little World of Dementia to over 100,000 page views and it has hit the mark two months early.

We hit 100,000 page views in the beginning of October and passed another milestone, gaining 100 followers.

Last, we hit the most page views in a month breaking 10,000 with time left in the month. I would like to thank everybody that takes the time to look and a special thanks to Chuckaroobob for his contributions.



Michael Awdry said...

A huge and hearty congratulations Sir - well done!

Mordian7th said...

Awesome - well done, man! I always enjoy reading your blog, keep up the great work!

Powerposey said...

That awesome! Well done.

Laughing Ferret said...

congrats for all three milestones!

ColKillgore said...

Thanks everybody. The funny thing is that the blog has recieved more page views this month than it recieved the first three years I started keeping track.


Chuckaroobob said...

You're the man!