Thursday, October 31, 2013

OGRE after all these years

Hi Kids,  Something large this way comes, and its a boardgame!  Fed Ex drivers are sweating under the strain, kidney belts are in sudden demand, set the shock absorbers to extra firm and rig some extra beams under the table, my copy of the Kickstarter Designer's Edition OGRE has made the trip all the way from China!  Yowza!!  I'm a huge fan of this game, have been ever since I bought a Metagaming copy for US$2.95 at Reed's Hobby Shop in Winston-Salem, NC back in the late 1970's. In fact, I've made a habit of continuing to buy copies of this game when I find them, so I've probably got at least one of everything, including Diceland Ogre, Gurps Ogre, Ogre Delux, Ogre Reinforcements, the Ogre Book, GEV, Shockwave, Battlesuit (yes, the Space Gamer version too), Miniatures, Macrotures* (grrrrrrrrrrr**.....), Helltank and Helltank Destroyer.***  Got a bunch of the minis too, including a ChiCub from GZG.  I have even kitbashed an Ogre Ninja like the one in the Ogre Book story.  ("Go Toronto Bluejays!")
 Yes, it is a big box.  And even with the huge box, the counter sheets had to ship shrinkwrapped to the outside.
 Back in the good ole days, reprinted just to bring into focus what a few dedicated Americans can accomplish.  This was included in the kickstarter bonus goals, IIRC.  There were so many goals and it was so long ago I really can't remember all the details.  My original 1970's purchase was this size, but was a second edition copy with a color cover.  If there's a groundswell of interest, I might dig out all those other versions and do another post.
 Always dug this poster, but I hope Osprey stops using cutaway drawings for their vehicle books.
 The four packs of counter sheets, each one a little under an inch thick.  That's roughly 20mm for you metric types.  The Ogres themselves are snap together counters, everthing else is a 2D top-down picture.  I'm thinking of ordering the new size old style black and white counter sheets, but I'm not sure Warehouse 23 has any left, and they cost $25 too!  Ouch!
 The latest version of the original map, its pretty honkin' big too!
 And there are four versions of the GEV style maps, too!  Yes, they are also pretty honkin' big.
 I'm considering playing Ogre Miniatures on these maps.  Everything except an Ogre should fit in the hexes.  I'd hate to scratch them up, though.
 They are some really high quality good looking stuff!
 Some can match up geomorphically, but not in all directions.  This one is the original one from GEV, just 1000% bigger.
 All the rules you'll ever need. There's even an ap for smartphones now.
And it even comes with counter trays!  Yes, this edition must be the crowning glory of all sci-fi gamers!  I've heard they are already starting to show up on ebay, in my humble opinion you might as well just get one direct from the manufacturer.  Can you dig it?  Yes, I knew that you could!
*Macrotures were a "line" of miniatures SJ released a long time ago, just like the 1/285 miniatures only bigger, they were 1/60 scale.  Unfortunately, the GEV was the only vehicle ever released.  Pretty weak, considering there were only three vehicles in the basic game.  I would have dearly loved to have the Heavy Tank and the Missile Tank to go with my GEV's, but them's the breaks.  And I would stand in line to kill or die for a 1/60 scale Ogre.  Maybe I can kitbash one out of a locomotive or a lawnmower.  I still have a hankerin' to use my proxy vehicles and power suited infantry and play Ogre in 25mm scale out in the yard.  Maybe someday.....  Armorcast used to make 6" craters out of resin.  No other terrain needed!
**Yes, this still annoys me.
***Helltank and Helltank Destroyer were two games Metagaming released after they lost the rights to Ogre, both involved huge tanks in the not-too-distant future.  They are pretty good games, too.   And I consider them in the same ballpark as Ogre/GEV, hence their presence.


Don M said...

I loved the original, still have it, also have the miniature rules, did a major rewrite of those, and very luckily I have two OGRE MKIIs in 15mm!

I don't think I can get into this new set, perhaps if it came with plastic miniatures I'd feel differently about it but the punch
out minis I can't warm up to.

Mordian7th said...

Sweeeeeeet. Waiting for mine to arrive (central/mountain states so I have a while to wait apparently), really cool to see 'em starting to arrive though! OGRE was my first introduction to miniatures gaming back in the mid-80s, and I still have some of the old minis that'll hopefully see the tabletop soon.

Great post man!

Lasgunpacker said...

Very cool! I tried hinting to the wife via blog and in person that I neeeeeeded this, but she was unfortunately resistant.

Please post more about it when you get it up and going.

Kelroy Was Here said...

I'm jealous. Still waiting for my copy. I'm only a couple hundred miles from OGRE HQ so naturally I'll be last! I don't have as much OGRE stuff as you, but it's one of my enduring favorites, and I've tried to buy one of every version as I found them.


ColKillgore said...

OGRE for the Win!