Sunday, October 20, 2013

Zomtober third Ghoul

Here is the third Ghoul for Pulp Citizen's Zomtober Painting challenge.

Another oop metal Ghoul.

skin base coated

Skull and loin cloth scorched brown.

loin cloth and skull inked. The knife was dry brushed with tin bitz and then a drybrush with boltgun metal.

Another finished ghoul.

One thing to be said about keeping a journal when you are painting. The model on the left is one I painted back in 2005 and the right the new addition. I used my journal to match the colors and they look really close. The main differences are the knife and the skull. In 2005 I just painted the knife boltgun metal and used a chestnut ink wash. I think the tin bitz and boltgun drybrush adds more to the newer model. The skull on the 2005 I went a bit heavy with skull white. I like the aged look of the newer model more. The washes are slightly different shades on the bases but once they are all mixed together I doubt it will show.


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