Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Apocalypse First Edition and the Ultimate Terminators

Hi Kids, Was just over at the Oldhammer page and was checking out all the funky stuff people are dragging out into the sunlight for the first time in God Knows how long, and since I have no original ideas of my own I figured I'd get into the act too! 
 Oh yeah, you thought Apocalypse was a new-ish idea?  Warhammer Fantasy?  40,000?  All Johnny-come-latelies.  This stand alone game was released in 1980 by none other than Games Workshop.  The rules are smaller than a single back-printed 8&1/2 by 11 inch page, and 25% is a picture.  We've come a long way, baby!  Other games in the series included Dr. Who and something about a Valley of the Four Winds.  Although I have to say, if somebody made a 25mm mini of that tank, I'd buy the damn thing!  That is just so cool!

 I bought a blister named "Ultimate Terminators" a lifetime ago, and this is what it contained.  They don't look all that impressive now, but back in the last Ice Age this was all the rage.  Look at those poses!  So life-like!  So animated!  Banners are handpainted aluminum foil with the Imperial Dicks name and emblem.  What do they say?
"Last night there were skinheads on my lawn"
"Take the skinheads bowling"  and
"Take me from the wreckage, save me from the blast"
No, you will not win anything if you can tell us where these quotes originated.  But I might be impressed.  Give it a shot.  Here's a hint: two of them are from the same song.
 Another stand alone game, IIRC.  Richard who? Never heard of 'im.  Thought the lads might get a kick outta this one, as Judge Dredd has recently made a comeback on the silver screen and a new miniatures game on Kickstarter.
 If you've got a thing for losing, this is the game for you!  It's a solo game where you're trying to save the world, but once I did the math and discovered there is about a 0.1% chance of winning.  Not sure how long the winters are in the UK, but that's a bit steep to hold my interest.  GW/Citadel made a few figs for this, too.  I think it was one blister of 3 warriors.



Impcommander said...

smashing stuff!

you know they made a game of chainsaw warrior for ipad/phones/and PC recently.

tim said...

There was an expansion for Block Mania called Mega Mania - which allowed you to have up to two more blocks in your Block War... It was awesome.... We ganged up on someone once and totally collapsed their block. My copies of the game are long since gone.

I had a copy of Chainsaw Warrior until quite recently. I still have the mini that came with the box. I do recall an additional three being available - I'm sure a lot were simply used as sergeants or officers in Imperial Guard armies.

Love the terminators!

Stuart said...

Still have my Block Mania games. Sadly, Chainsaw Warrior was destroyed in a flood back in the 1990s.

eriochrome said...

Block Mania and Chainsaw Warrior were both listed on the side of my 2 ed blood bowl box but I do not think I ever saw any of them in a store.

ColKillgore said...

I might have to get Chuckaroobob to play some Block Mania and do a game report.