Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More additions to 15mm Sci-Fi Platoon

I dropped by Hobby town in Greensboro last weekend and found some of the 15mm Sci-Fi crowd gearing up for some games. I had my first real look at 5150: Star Army rulebook. The first thing I noticed was the squads were organized into eight man squads not the ten I was planning on. So I was going to need more figures. I also needed some commander figures and I decided to add a rapid fire laser to each squad. So adding two commanders and six rapid fire lasers. They will give me enough troops to field six eight man squads.

Here is the first commander. I used the same beads as the riflemen and just added them to his sub machine gun.

The commander of the second platoon.

At Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water suggestion when I started converting up the rapid fire laser rifles with two aerials. I used some white glue stretched between the aerials to form the electrical arc between the aerials.

I trimmed down the back of the model and them drilled a hole above the belt. I used a piece of 28 gauge wire I bent and twisted to form the aerials. I glued the wire into the hole and then sculpted the backpack power pack. Last I sculpted the bedroll back around the backpack.

Now I just need to get them painted.


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Tesla would be proud.