Friday, February 24, 2012

15mm Sci-Fi Platoon nears completion

I have finished converting up twenty more 15mm Sci-Fi "Tesla" particle beam rifle armed troops.

This gives me 40 "Tesla" rifle armed troops, divided into eight 5 man fire teams. Each fire team also has two antitank rockets for a total of 16. This would give me four ten man squads and a support walker, or an over strength platoon. I am still deciding on making up a commander but I haven't decided what kind of weapon to give him. For now I will use one of the troopers as a stand in. I still may base up some light machine gunners to be able to switch in for a firepower boost if I am not facing a bunch of power armored troops.

I also looked through my Soviet Flames of War models. I can pull out some heavy machine guns and some anti tank artillery to add a boost to the force if we decide to fight some larger games. I have a few other ideas but I need to get them in order before I post them up.



Impcommander said...

awesome stuff 'ere.

ColKillgore said...

Thanks, I have them mostly painted now and almost ready for the table.