Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marauder Plaguebearers

Another quick post, I did some wheeling and dealing with a buddy of mine and managed to get another nine Marauder Plague Bearers to add to my Nurgle horde. I striped the paint off of a few of them and then finished their basing.

I have a mix of the the old Marauder Plague bearers and the newer sculpts but I have an affection for the older ones. I have been wanting to add to my collection and these will bring my horde of Plague bearers to over fifty models.

More Pics when I get some paint on them



Anonymous said...

Awesome will look forward to seeing the pics! I have also just purchased and stripped 10 old marauder plaguebearers to add to my 50 newer GW sculpts! :) Glad to see Nurgle getting some love!

ColKillgore said...

The Plague bearers have been pushed to the back burner at the moment but I will get them painted eventually.