Friday, February 10, 2012

Battle at Burma's Bagan Temple part 2

We return to Bagan Temple as the battle rages. The East Transnestrian Border police still hang on to the temple even though besieged on two sides.

Officer Degreas'e of the East Transnestrian Border Police frantically tries to patch up fellow Officer Kowalski and get his tommy gun back into the fight.

Officer Friday's handiwork one bandit down, wounded in both arms and the other wounded in both legs, crawling away, firing back at the drummers.

John Marco G-man stands over Tran-do preparing to make sure he never gets up again.

Fashoud heads around the the temple enclosure with the last two bandits. They see John Marco about to give Tran-Do a coup de gras and fire. All three shots hit and Fashoud's killer instinct knocks Marco unconscious, who falls onto Tran-Do.

The bandit wounded in both arms flees the temple and into the jungle.

With John Marco down, the two surviving bandits charge toward Ansleigh to try and capture her.

Ansleigh runs like the wind, leaving the bandits behind. Gustav runs up behind the bandits swing his handy baseball bat.

With a CRUNCH, Gustav caves in the skull of one bandit, killing him instantly. The other bandit makes a run for it.

The East Transnestrian officer regroup around their half tracks.

The Turkish anarchists break cover and bring their rifles to bear on the Border Police.

Gustav chases down the bandit who keeps sprinting away.

Ansleigh claims another kill and drops another bandit with her .32 cal pistol.

Fashoud returns fire and wounds Ansleigh but doesn't put her out of action.

The government team gets back in their half track and head for Fashoud aiming to run him down.

Te'ador breaks cover daring the Border Police to shoot him.

Teador mounts the wall stunning the Border Police so they are unable to fire.

Fashoud calmly shoots out a tire on the half track before it hits him.

Fashoud survives with both legs broken and the half track swerves out of control. Fashoud slings his rifle and starts to crawl back into the jungle cover, Tran-Do was own his own.

Stunned by Te'ador's presence the border police back away as Te'ador shoots at them.

As two wounded officers fall back, the two Turkish anarchists cross the wall and fire on the Border Police. Kowalski gets his revenge and guns down the anarchists with his tommygun. His minions down Te'ador makes good his escape.

The government half track careens out of control and crashes into a temple wall. Gustav is injured while Ansleigh is knocked unconscious.

The East Transnestrian Border Police once again succeed and defend the cultural artifact. They use parts from both half tracks to get one working and decide to pack the artifact and all the wounded and head toward civilization. They drive into the jungle, uncertain to what dangers lie there while the sun starts to set.

Some game notes. We played this game Super Bowl Sunday using the 45 adventure rules for two fisted pulp action. El tonio played the G-men, Big Roy played Te'ador, Chuckaroo ran the ETBP and I played Fashoud and the Chinese bandits. The game was a blast and was a very close run thing but the mvp of the game has to go to Chuckaroo's Officer Degrea'se. His medical skill kept several of Chuckaroo's ETBP to keep coming back into the fight. Next time Degrea"se takes a dirt nap first.


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