Tuesday, February 28, 2012

15mm Sci-Fi platoon Ready for the Table,

But not Finished. I have completed the base painting of the 15mm Soviet Sci-Fi Platoon. I block painted them and then gave them a chestnut ink/Future wash to blend all the colors together. I could put them on the table now and not break the tenet from Kadlec's Rules for the Gentleman Wargamer that frowns upon playing table top games with unpainted figures.

I need to go back and do a few touch ups and dry brush some highlights over the base colors. I am thinking about trying a lightning effect on the tips of the rifles. If it doesn't work out I will fade the color from the blue they are now through to a white point on the tip. Once they dry I will drybrush the bases and add some static grass and/or some green flock. I have also primered up some 15mm half tracks and started painting them, in case I need some transports for the troops. I have base coated the Micro Gundam so I can field it but I am still thinking about the final paint scheme details.

Now I just need come up with some background for my Forces and to set up a game.


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Chris said...

Very nice sir, I'm going to have to step up my painting game or be left in the cold, and we all know how cold future Russia is especially after they blew up the sun.