Thursday, March 1, 2012

Epic Models for 15mm Sci-Fi, possibilites?

After talking to Chris over at Sippin on Paint Water about possibly using Games Workshop Epic scale models for some 15mm Sci-Fi gaming. So I broke out some figure and took some comparison pictures.

I used one of my Old Glory 15mm Soviet conversions mounted on a washer as the baseline model. First are these Epic Imperial robots. The metal robot I think will work but the plastic one look too small to use.

Next an Epic Bombard. I think it can work as a tracked super heavy mortar.

An old Epic Manticore. I think it can work as a robotic missile launcher or an automated air defence drone.

A little blurry but an Epic Space marine Dreadnought. I think these will work well as a synthetic trooper for 15mm.

Here is a Slaanesh Questor daemonic engine. Another blurry picture but I think it will work as a combat walker in 15mm.

An Imperial Knight titan will also make a good combat walker.

Another daemonic engine, a Slaanesh Hell Knight. Another one useful as a walker with a support weapon.

I bought a copy of the 5150:Star army rules and after a better look at them I am still going to be nine riflemen short to field a company. Right now I have 48 figures but I need to have enough figures for three four-man command teams. It looks like I am going to have to buy another bag of 50 Old Glory 15mm Soviet Riflemen to get the nine I need to complete the company. So much for not spending any more money on this project.



Impcommander said...

Definately think it would be cool.

Any idea for fluff ?

ColKillgore said...

The only one I have thought about is the Dreadnoughts. I plan to use them as SYMON synthetic troopers to add a squad to a Star army platoon. I think they fit in with my Sci-Fi Soviets, clunky and antiquated, not as sleek and stylish as more advanced technology but just as effective.