Monday, March 12, 2012

15mm Sci-Fi Company assembled

I have finished assembling my 15mm Sci-Fi Company for 5150: Star Army. With some more Old glory 15mm Soviet Riflemen I picked up from Chuckaroo I was able to round out the two platoon and one company command teams. I also based up a Medic figure, which I think will come in handy in a campaign.

I originally planned to just use my Flames of War soviet army to play 5150. Then I found out that regular rifles had little or no chance to hurt the power armor troops some of the other locals planned to play with, I decided to convert up some laser rifle troops. I worked up a bunch of troopers for a good start to my army, then I picked up the rulebook and found that they organized their squads into eight man squads not the ten man squads I had painted up. So I reorganized them to eight man squads and added rapid fire lasers to each squad and a couple command figures to make up six eight man squads. I converted them up and started painting them, just in time to discover each platoon needs a four man command team and the company needs an additional four man command team. So after basing ten more riflemen, a company commander and a medic the company is finished. Now I just have to get them painted.


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Impcommander said...

I look forward to our forces meeting on the battlefield sir !

until then. I will plot the take over of your civilization from over here.