Friday, March 30, 2012

Bad Day in Ditchwater part 2

We return to Ditchwater as chaos spreads around the town as everyone tries to get their piece of the action.

When we left the Banker had just picked up the bottle of Nitro as the Outlaw young blood Cletus and the Sheriff stared each other down.

Then an outlaw from another posse with an empty shotgun throws a knife at the banker and hits him in the back. It knocks him down, on top of the Nitro bottle, having an explosive result. The Nitro blows killing the banker, two deputies and derailing the train. No more chance to take the engine and drive away with the caboose with the safe in it.

The Sheriff pulls on Cletus and fires six shots just as fast as the bullets will fly. Cletus is hit but not wounded, he stands his ground slowly reloading his scatter gun.

Injun Joe still in the water tower snipes Cletus and puts him down. Cletus may have been stupid but you can't say he didn't have huevos.

The Sheriff guns down a desperado

The Sheriff moves up shooting at the lawbreakers as he goes.

Mescal Mike leaves cover to kill the cowboys that kilt' Cletus.

Lead flies as the outlaws and cowboy duel in the crates.

The Sheriff returns his attention to the caboose and the gunfire inside.

The Sheriff and his last Deputy storm into the caboose behind a hail of lead.

Mescal Mike and his last desperado close into fisticuffs to beat the cowboy down.

An outlaw with a shotgun hits the Sheriff and takes his last wound.

The Cowboys in the engine jump down and run to support their compatriot.

Mescal Mike loses the fist fight but manages to knock down one cowboy.

Our game master Barry maintains an iron grip on the players throughout the evening.

Mescal Mike falls to the combined fire of the Cowboys.

Another Shotgun outlaw downs the last two Aristocrats.

The last Desperado manages to hit and kill Injun Joe before leaving town.

The last shotgun outlaw has finally cracked the safe but isn't strong enough to carry the gold bullion by himself. While the Mayor waits with his Buffalo rifle for him to make a run from the train.

The game was played at Parker Banner Kent and Wayne in Cornelius, North Carolina. It was the first game of  Legends of  the Old West I had played in several years and the first time several of the players had ever played it. Yes, mistakes were made. We had seven posses of four models each. One Lawman, two Townsfolk, two Outlaw, one Cowboy and the Aristocrats. I had a good time and have started back working on some of my own old west figures.



Michael Awdry said...

Great fun Colonel; thanks for sharing.

styx said...

Good stuff! Enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing.

ColKillgore said...

We had a good time playing the game. All the posse's were pregenerated with four models, armed based on the figures weapons. This lead to several posses having only pistols and one posse having three shotguns. Most of the players had never played LOTOW and the ones who had were rusty with the rules. This lead to several rule "discoveries" during the game as we looked through the rulebook.
thanks for looking.

Impcommander said...

i enjoyed reading this. Looks like fun !