Wednesday, March 7, 2012

15mm Sci-Fi Soviet and Epic progress

After a few days with no Hobby time I put some base colors on My 15mm Sci-Fi soviets.

Still a ways to go on these, just a burnt umber base coat and a graveyard earth dry brush.

The Epic Dreadnoughts with a base coat of scab red. My plan is to use these as SYMON synthetic troopers in games of 5150: Star Army. I intend to paint them close to Flesh Tearer Space marine colors, the Chapter I intend to paint up for Epic.

More new troops. A new Company commander and two more troopers for the Soviet Sci-Fi company. With these I will have six full strength eight man squads and three commander models but still need nine more troopers to fill out the three command fire teams.

I have made arrangements with Chuckaroobob to acquire some more Old Glory Soviets so soon I will be able to finish my over strength company force.



Chris said...

Some inspirational music to paint to.

Makes me want to watch 'The Hunt For Red October".

Impcommander said...

very cool