Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bad Day in Ditchwater part 1

Once again the Catawba Gamers return to Parker Banner Kent and Wayne for their monthly game day. This time it was Barry running a Legends of the Old West game I like to call "Bad Day in Ditchwater".

The Banker had a little too much to drink and let out the secret that next Monday the train was bringing in a safe full of gold bullion for the bank to hold until it could be transferred. The whispered rumour ran through the town like a wild fire and before long everybody was planning to be in town Monday, early.

The peaceful town of Ditchwater as the train pulls in.

As the train stops the citizens start to stir.

The banker sends his hired gun thugs up main street to meet the train, but a another figure eases out of the livery stable taking cover behind the mules.

Outlaw young blood Cletus cocks the hammers on his sawed off shotgun and yells "The only thing I hate more than Lawmen is hired Gun Thugs!"

Cletus shoots and covers all three with pellets but only manages to knock one down.

The Aristocrats exit the train and are approached by a outlaw with a proposition to team up and split the gold. They agree ,for the time being.

Outlaw leader Mescal Mike and two desperadoes leave the Livery and head for the general store/Saloon.

Hired guns and lawmen stand off.

Dodging bullets from the cowboys on one side and the lawmen on the other, the desperadoes duck into the general store while Mescal Mike returns fire and Cletus hides and reloads his scatter gun.

As bullets start flying from every direction the train crew abandons the engine.

The Cowboys break cover and head for the abandoned Engine.

The banker and gunmen make a run for the train while the towns people cover them.

Holed up in the caboose some outlaws shotgun down several towns people, while they try to break the safe.

The Cowboys fan out while an outlaw runs down the train to beat them to the engine.

Injun Joe makes it to the top of the tower and begins to gun anyone he can see down.

The Aristocrats and outlaws fallout and gunfire erupts in the caboose.

After searching for some dynamite in the general store Cletus finds a big bottle of Nitroglycerin. William Munny might have dynamited a train but Cletus was going to NITRO a train. Cletus steps out of the General Store and throws the nitro at the train, where it hits and does nothing.

Disappointed the nitro didn't blow Cletus decides to Shoot the Sheriff and lets go with both barrels again. He hits the Sheriff but only wounds him.

While Cletus calmly reloads his scatter gun for another shot, the Banker runs to get the nitro from the train and the Sheriff draws down on Cletus to put him down like a rabid dog.

Who will survive? Come back for the final episode Bad Day in Ditchwater Part 2.



Michael Awdry said...

A great looking game, will certainly be 'tuning' in for the second instalment.

Chris said...

You made me realize one one thing I'm lacking, I have absolutely no western minis. I may have to convert some zombies or something to fill the gap.