Friday, March 2, 2012

Sky Galleons of Mars fleet grows

I picked up a couple more ships from Ebay for my Sky Galleons of Mars fleet.

first is the LZ-41 and LZ-5 Zeppelins cleaned up and mounted on a wire. I still need to get a heavy enough base to hold these and keep them from tipping.

The first new edition is a French Harpon class Aerial Gunboat. The model was badly cast, with many pit but I was able to fix the worst of them with a file and greenstuff.

The second new edition to the fleet is a French Gloire class aerial cruiser. This model was in very bad shape including missing one of the aft stabilizer fins. I used a piece of styrene card to replace the fin and then covered it in green stuff so I could add some details. The model was also warped and badly pitted but I managed to straighten it out and use greenstuff to cover the worst part of the pitting. The worst part of the process was me dropping one of the turrets and being unable to find it. I ended up cutting a piece of sprue and adding a piece of 20 gauge wire to be the ventral turret underneath.

A group shot of the new French squadron. According to the background in Ironclads and Ether Flyers there are no representatives of these two classes on Mars but I am not going to let that hold me back in my games. In my view of the Sky Galleons of Mars the French have decided that they will not let anyone intimidate them in the skies of Mars. So they have built these on earth broke them down and quietly started reassembling them near their Possessions on Mars. The English Royal Navy may rule the Skies of Earth but France will Rule the Skies of Mars.


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Paul of the Man Cave said...

Those Zepps are tops!

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