Friday, March 16, 2012

World Eater Progress

I have made some progress on the World Eaters for the planned First War for Armageddon Apocalypse battle. I have planned to bring about one hundred Khorne berserkers to the game

Here is my box of forty or so Berserkers that are ready for the next coat of paint.

The four Khorne Lords of Armageddon. I have been thinking about making up a datasheet for them but will probably just field them in a bunch of berserkers. I have been thinking about what to arm them with. One has a powerfist in the picture but I have since removed it. I am leaning toward a Bloodfeeder Daemon Weapon and possibly Combi-Melta or Combi-Plasmas. All the models come with a plasma pistol but since the Bloodfeeder is two handed they will get not get the bonus attack from having two hand weapons. Back to painting.


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