Monday, March 3, 2014

Oop Carrion with Riders for Oldhammer Undead

After borrowing ChuckarooBobs oop Carrion for the last Oldhammer game we played I started looking out to get some oop Carrion for myself. It took me a little over year lurking on evil Bay but I picked up a group of six for US$28.

They were all in pieces and two of the riders have broken weapons. Even though broken apart all the parts were there and the two broken scythes are an easy fix. They are missing their flying bases but I have a bag of them I have saved up over the years. I may have enough of the old style hex shaped flying bases but I have to dig them out of the "Closet of Doom". The last choice to base them is to use brass rod and 40mm square bases like I did for my Fell Bats.
I have put them into the simple green to strip off the paint and will get started on them soon.


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