Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Oop Skeleton Archers for Oldhammer Undead

I have put more of the old style archer bits to use. I assembled a unit of skeleton archers awhile back using new skeleton bodies and twenty year old bits but now a couple more archers for the unit.

I ended up having to pin the arms on but I think it has a a more dymanic pose.

They only model from the last second chance lot that didn't need to the stripped or repaired. It originally was armed with an old style long spear in its off hand but I managed to remove it and replace it with the correct drawing bow arm.

After adding these two archers I will have twelve models in the unit. I am debating adding a musician and standard bearer to bring the unit up to fourteen models. The current plan is to build a second unit of archers for the 10k of Undead Oldhammer game but I am having to reorganize the army list and may end up with just one unit of archers.


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