Monday, March 10, 2014

Oop Screaming Skull Catapults for Oldhammer

When I started planning my 10k point Undead army for the impending Oldhammer mega battle against ChuckarooBob I planned to field four Screaming Skull Catapults. I didn't have any Screaming Skull catapults so I planned to use the Bombards  I scratch built to use for my Victorian science fiction Venusian Lizardmen. Then I found another deal on Evil Bay.

With time and patience I finally won an auction for two complete Screaming skull catapults for US$20 shipped. They actually have a decent paint job. I am thinking that I might just touch them up a bit, then give them a heavy ink wash and then go back for some details and a highlight. I will still probably use two of the Bombards with skeleton crews unless I can get two more screaming skull catapults cheaply.

I had to rebase one of the crewmen and I am debating on whether to mount the catapult on a 50x100mm base like the newer Tomb King Screaming skull catapult. The funny thing is I haven't collected Tomb King or Chaos Dwarf armies. I have models to field armies for just about everything else in the Warhammer fantasy game. After picking up the Citadel Mummies, oop Carrion and these Screaming Skull Catapults to go with the Skeleton warriors, Archers and  Horsemen I already have I can put close to a 2500 point Tomb king army on the table. It would be a fluffy skeleton horde army but I would be able to put it on the table. Funny how things work out.


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