Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Snow in North Carolina!

Hi kids, although its a little late, here's what the Feb snow looked like in my hood.  We get snow like this about once every 15 years.  Naturally, we all panic when it does....  These shots were taken after a couple days of melting.

 Here are two of my trusty steeds; Suzy, a 1994 Suzuki Swift GT (still showing damage from two deer strikes);  and Sammy, a 1991 Samurai.  I had just used Sammy to jumpstart Suzy, she stalled and shorted out in the snow a couple days earlier.  Apparently Samurais are a thing of interest nowadays, I've had people follow me around to ask if I want to sell him quite a few times recently, and just last week some kid took his picture as he drove by.
 In a nearby shopping center, a Bobcat moves snow into impossible piles, at least for NC.
 Old Country Club Road.
Another parking lot.

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eriochrome said...

Looks like a normal week day for up here.

Something Strange happened when I tried to go to your main page in my blog roll. It sent me to frozen potato website. The post directed link worked. Strange.